Managed Firewall

Protect your business-critical information against unauthorized access.

Managed Firewall

At Kdatacenter Managed Hosting, we aim to provide the highest levels of protection and security for your dedicated server.

A dedicated firewall means we will set up your own, invidual firewall on your server. It will only be used by your server; it will not be shared with anyone else.As well as providing extra security, it also gives you full control over your firewall security configuration. You can set it up to meet your organisation's security policies, and update or change your firewall configuration whenever you like. It also means you can securely set up VPN connection to your server.

managed firewall hosting
  • Optimised network infrastructure
  • Instant firewall configuration via ticket
  • Instant firewall rules configuration through ticket
  • Dedicated account manager & support team
  • Kdatacenter's expert support available 24/7/365
Service Types

Next Generation Firewall is a new uprising trend in the security market. AXGATE Next Generation Firewall Series provides "User Based Authentication" which provides enhanced protection to the users and easy ID based management. AXGATE Next Generation Firewall Series comes from SOHO size to enterprise guarantees to secure the network regardless of structure or environment. With more than 10 years of experiences, our in-house technology, AXGATE Series ensures to bring much greater performance than other peer devices.

standard firewall advanced firewall
Power Single Single/ Redundant
F/W Throughput 1Gbps 4Gbps
IPS Throughput 480Mbps 1.4Gbps
Session(MAX) 300,000 2,000,000

Gateway-Gateway / Gateway-Client
NAT Traversal
3DES, AES, SEED, ARIA & SHA1, SHA256, SHA512(with CMVP)

DDoS Protection

TCP/UDP/ICMP/HTTP/DNS Flooding defense
SCAN / SWEEP defense
Protocol Anomaly
Traffic Anomaly
Traffic Anomaly self-learning
White list / Black lis

Price $180 USD $380 USD