Managed Loadbalancing

Scale your applications and improve availability across your infrastructure.

Managed Loadbanlancing

When traffic to your website suddenly spikes, will your servers be ready? That’s where load balancers can help.

If your infrastructure doesn’t have the right load balancing hardware to spread a large influx of traffic across your servers, your infrastructure could be overwhelmed, slowing your websites down significantly or even taking them offline for a time.

managed loadbalancer
L4 Specifications

A load balancer is a hardware or software appliance designed to spread traffic across multiple servers. It gives you much more granular control over where traffic goes and how it’s handled. Load balancers can also be deployed in a highly-available manner so there’s no single point of failure. At Kdatacenter, we use only the most reliable load balancing technology with Radware and Kemp loadmaster.

Alteon 3408
korean loadbalancing
Port 8 Giga port (EHT/SFP)
Cucurrent Session 2,000,000
L4 Performance 110,000/sec
Routing Interface 250
Price $300 USD